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Xeriscape and Wildlife Gardens designed for Florida Native and Xeriscape Plants, with Jill Ziebell, a.ka. the Flower Lady


Inspiration results from connection with Nature and Spirit.

Gardening is art through design.  Reconnect or deepen your connection with Find Your Inner Dirt owner Jill Ziebell.  

·Consultations·Design·Installation·Maintenance·Garden Coaching·
·Flowing Master Concept Plans·Therapeutic Serenity Gardens·
·National Wildlife Certified Backyard Habitats·
·Waterfront, Rain, and Bog Gardens·

All created with Florida Native and Xeriscape plants.

Jill is a Certified Florida Master Naturalist as well as a  Master Gardener.  That means she knows how to speak "plant talk"!  She is also the local founding president and a board member of the "Sea Oats Chapter" of the Florida Native Plant Society.  Through her experiences Jill has perfected the art of grouping the similar needs of plants, animals, items, and people.  She uses her art to blend your daily experience back into harmony with nature by creating serene getaways even in busy areas. 

 Let her find YOUR Inner Dirt! 

Here are some examples of gardens, before and after, that Jill has designed and installed. Please visit the photo gallery page to view more before and after shots.

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